If you wanna be happier,
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Fenix' HappyMail

Let Fenix inspire you to live more soft-hearted and happy.


Fenix' Story

Fenix was almost killed  because he is different.


Making a Difference

50% of Profits goes to a Dog Rescue Every Month.


Fenix' Happy Mail will inspire you to live a more soft-hearted, loving and happy life.

Hi, I'm Fenix.

I was almost put down because I have a neurological disorder that affects my coordination and balance. 

While my start in life was tough, I'm now happy in my forever home, and happy dancing all over TikTok.

I Have Cerebellar Hypoplasia 🎠

I was born with a neurological disorder that affects my coordination and balance.
It's what gives me my awesome ability to Prance like a Pony!

It doesn't hurt. I have full life expectancy.
And it inspires us all to embrace our 'difference'.

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My Story 🩺

Because of my neurological disorder when I was 2 months old I shook so badly that I couldn't even stand up. This is probably why I was abandoned at a kill shelter.

I was very close to being put down ... before I was saved by I Stand with My Pack – a Dog Rescue in California.

They paid more than $4,000 in vet bills ... just for me! And they rescue thousands of dogs every year. And then find forever homes for us!

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True happiness
comes from gratitude,
and giving back. 

Finding My Forever Home 🏡

I Found my Forever Home
with Dr. Zoë and Eric Lumiere.


Mum is a Life Coach and Spiritual Psychologist. She's an emotional healing expert. I spend most of my days in her office supporting people heal and get happy.  ❤️

Meet Mum, Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Dad is a RockStar and Meditation Guru. He makes happy and healing songs, and leads guided meditations. We're making an album together.  🎸

Meet Dad, Eric Lumiere

We're Making a Difference.... Together.

We are giving 50% of Fenix & Friends' Profits to a Dog Rescue Every Month. 

Vote for Your Favorite Dog Rescue!

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