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A Note from Mum

Hi there! I'm Fenix' Mum, Dr. Zoë Lumiere.

We are so excited to share Fenix' HappyMail with you.

But first I want to share why we're doing it. 

I didn't have it easy growing up. I know what it feels like to not be supported, to be abused and abandoned, and to have the cards stacked against you.

Life can close our hearts and make us hard.

Little by little, life's pain and disappointments can change us.

But with enough Love, Kindness and Courage... we can transform our challenges into our Super Powers. 

I believe Fenix has this super power to connect us to our hearts, our courage, our compassion. His story of overcoming and continued endurance inspires us all to keep growing in the Kindness and Bravery that does turn our greatest challenges in life to our most treasured gifts.

And I have spent the last 20 years... through a Doctorate degree 'on happiness', 3 Masters degrees in Psychology and decades of experience helping thousands of clients transform their lives for the better... so I KNOW both scientifically and experientially that Self-Love, Compassion and Courage can transform the most adverse challenges in life into the muscles and moments we need to find greater happiness and success.

I'm so excited to share this with you. 

And I'm available by email for any questions you have xo.

All my love, Zoë

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Fenix' Happy Guy Playlist

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LIVE Q&A with Dr. Zoë

Monthly LIVE Happiness and Healing Q&A with Dr. Zoë & Eric

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Fenix' Inner Circle

Ask Questions to Your Coaches Fenix, Dr. Zoë, Eric & the Community

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Fenix' Miracle Meal Plan

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The World
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Right Now.


Ok I'm in.

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Together, Fenix and Dr. Zoë support you in truly creating a Happier World for yourself.

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Zoë Changed My Life

"I felt inspired and full of love to spill over into the world. Zoë changed my life."
 – Taylor Louderman • Actor, Tony Nominee

Fenix Makes Me Smile

"Your videos make me smile every time 😁"
"🥰🥰🥰🥰 You give me peace Fenix ❤️"
"Pure joy is all I feel when I see this buddy"
 – Fenix' TikTok Family

Zoë is Amazing

"Zoë has helped me more than 10 years of shrinks and psychologists. She's amazing."
 – Joren van der Voort • Top 40 Songwriter


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Scientific studies* suggest we can increase dopamine levels with happy music!

Results suggest that in just 2 weeks, intentionally listening to upbeat music can improve your mood and happiness in just two weeks!

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Print them, share them, post them, enjoy them  😀
Use a happy dog to get you happy  😍

Be Inspired 🤩

Life is busy. We need powerful, inspiring reminders to slow down and choose happiness... kindness... the life we want.
Let Fenix & Friends ignite the life you want.

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We All Need Support  🤗

Learning to be happy... is a path of learning to be vulnerable and soft-hearted.

There is great challenge and change going on all over the planet. The world needs more kind, loving, compassionate people right now. The world needs happy, inspired people committed to making a positive difference in their own lives, and in the lives of others.

Fenix' Inner Circle is committed to:
• providing a safe, kind and loving place for people to be vulnerable and ask for support.
• professional soft-hearted support and guidance.
• practical strategies and resources to support those in need.
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BONUS #6 • For Dog Owners

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Fenix' Miracle Meal Plan

 We knew Fenix had a neurological disorder when we adopted him. We sought out the best advice to support his best life. Get access to our own homemade recipe of raw meat and vegetables that has supported Fenix in defying his disorder with a healthy body.

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How Come We're Offering So Much... for So Little?

We are grateful to already have so much, and we have learned that being of service is one of the keys for allowing greater abundance into our lives. So yes it's kinda crazy 🤯 that we're doing ALL of this for $7/month... and yes... a WHOLE lot of time, and energy, and Love goes into this membership every week. But our lives and days truly have changed in the most meaningful ways through all the people that have followed, loved and supported our dog Fenix. We are so grateful. And we're here to give back.

And... we would LOVE you to please share with your friends and loved ones that Fenix wants to be their Life Coach too... building a bigger community will DEFINITELY help us getting more support to do this work. We'd love to be able to hire some loving fans to help us if we get big enough too!

We love you, 
Almost as much as Fenix Does,
Zoë and Eric Lumiere