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Permission Slips for Adults

fun & freedom Nov 12, 2022

I think we can all relate to wanting to have more Fun and Freedom! But doesn’t it feel a little easier said, than done?!

Through our lives we buy into so many beliefs about who and what we have to be in order to be good and lovable.  And these beliefs can be mapped as neurological pathways in our brain. That’s why it feels a little harder than just – go have fun! Go feel free! It’s because as adults so many of us have bought into deep belief systems that dictate having to work hard, be responsible, etc.

So what’s the solution for allowing ourselves to truly live a little more, to enjoy our days and feel the kind of fun and freedom that we want to?!

Researcher Brené Brown came up with a practical and powerful way to start to release ourselves from these unconscious rules or beliefs.[1]

Permission Slips. For adults!

The simple act of writing down the permission that we’re granting to ourselves, and signing it, helps us shake free of the unconscious rules holding us back.

Today’s Step-by-Step Guide will help you try it out for yourself!

STEP-BY-STEP • Writing Your Own Permission Slip

You will need:

  • Post-its, or paper, or something to write on to create your own permission  slip
  • A pen
  • A Light, joyful and open heart and mind 
  1. What would you LOVE to have Permission for?
    To do nothing. To relax. To go back to bed?
    To write your own blog. To paint. To tell someone how you feel?
    To watch TV. To do a puzzle. To not go to work tomorrow?
    To order dinner for the family instead of cooking?
    To go and see if you can still do cartwheels in the park?
    To spend this day doing only that that you actually really want to do!
  2. Whatever it is. Big or small. Grab that post-it and write it down:
    I __your name__ hereby declare, that __your name__  has full and complete permission to __your fun, free thing here__ .
    Signed __your signature here__
  3. Now go play, enjoy, have fun and be free! Find out if your permission slip truly does help you do this!!!

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CREDIT • Acknowledgements

Strategy by Zoë Lumiere
Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere
Permission Slips [1] by Brene Brown

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