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Living a Slower Pace

presence & power Dec 01, 2022

Did you know that slowing down can help us: 

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve physical health
  • Be more present, intimate, and enjoy loving relationships
  • Have a heightened sensory awareness and enjoyment of the natural beauty around us
  • Experience greater peace of mind and serenity
  • Dramatically improve ability to be productive and creative and to stay focused.

But how hard is slowing down?!

It feels impossible sometimes.

A great way to understand this is through the metaphor of the baseball batter:

When a major league batter is ‘on’ his game, when he feels ‘in the zone,’ the pitched ball appears to be coming at him in slow motion. In actuality, of course, the ball is zooming toward him, often at speeds of over a hundred miles per hour! The facts don’t change. What changes is his perception, which in turn increases his confidence in his ability. To him, the ball looks like it is going slower, so hitting the ball seems easy in the free-flowing mode.

The following exercise helps us learn how to actually SLOW DOWN…to achieve greater health and Happiness!

STEP-BY-STEP • Slowing Down for Happiness

Today’s step-by-step guide is a profoundly practical one.

You will need:

  • 20 minutes or more
  • A lot of courage, and an open heart 
  1. Simply give yourself the gift of 20 minutes, or an hour. As much time as you can gift or give away today.
  2. Now give yourself permission to move slowly. Encourage yourself to experiment with enjoying and savoring the small things.
  • Pro Tip  🏆
    For the next 7 days or more, write down your awareness at the end of the day about how fast, or slow, you felt. You might be really blown away by just how powerful slowing down can be.

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Strategy by Zoë Lumiere
Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere
Scientific Research by Dr. Alan Castel
Quote by Simon & Garfunkel

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