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Let Nature Nurture You

fun & freedom Nov 20, 2022

We can all find many reference points of feeling better, feeling more relaxed and calm in nature. But does being in nature really help us? Scientifically, reliably actually help our well-being?!

Yes. Various research has begun to prove that time in nature does renew, nurture and support our well-being in a number of ways.

Nature provided cognitive benefits according to reserach from the University of Chicago. Green spaces promote better cognitive ability, including working memory, cognitive flexibility and attention. So the next time you’re not able to think or work effectively, surround yourself with a green lawn, or green plants. [1]

Also from various Universities in Canada, we know believe that time in nature triggers a physiological response that lowers stress levels and replenishes one’s cognitive resources, restoring the ability to concentrate and pay attention. [2]

From Australia, a study suggests we might make less mistakes and be more mentally sharp if we are able to take as little as 40 second breaks gazing upon nature. [3]

And finally, from the Psychonomic Bulletin & Review: the sounds of nature suggest having recuperative qualities. Cognitive testing seems to be positively affected by sounds like crickets chirping and waves crashing, versus urban sounds like traffic and the clatter of a busy café. [4]

So whether it’s taking in the sights, sounds or smells, let yourself destress and give your brain a scientific recharge by spending some time in nature.

Let’s today’s guide help you get creative in incorporating the nature that’s all around us, more for greater well-being and happiness.

STEP-BY-STEP • Nurture Your Brain with More Nature

You will need: • An open mind and heart • 10 minutes to get creative, and into nature!

  1. Take 10 minutes now to review the following list, to brainstorm at least 3 practical ways you can let nature nurture you in your every day life.
    1. Time near trees – how many beautiful trees do you have in a 10 minute walking radius from your home, your work, your local shopping centre, from other places you frequent?
    2. Forest bathing – are there any forests, parks, or large areas of many trees near you?
    3. Indoor Plants – an incredibly powerful way to feel nurtured by nature all the time! Can you move your indoor plants into positin so that you’ll see them while working?
    4. Water – can you drive by, walk by, swim in water? Oceans, lakes, pools, etc.
    5. Nature sounds – on your device or better yet, by opening the window if you’re so lucky!
    6. Flowers – buy fresh cut flowers the next time you can?
    7. Sunshine is a part of nature we all have access to at some if not most parts of the year. Let yourself feel and receive the benefits of sunshine.
    8. Bird sounds – can you walk or drive somewhere to hear birds? Most of us can probably open the window early in the morning to hear at least some.
    9. Large spaces of grass – where are the closest ones?
    10. Work by windows – are you able to work in a place where you’re looking out on beautiful blue sky, on greenery, flowers, water, or other of natures’ gifts?
    11. What else?!
  2. Now choose at least 3 practical ways you can let nature nurture you in your every day life!
  3. Pro Tip! 🏆 Write them down. This just helps you let your brain know that you mean it! And helps you in following through and remembering.

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CREDIT • Acknowledgements

Strategy by Zoë Lumiere
Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere
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