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Give A Smile

gratitude & giving back Nov 05, 2022

You should just see what happens to people as they’re greeted by Fenix smiling so widely his tongue is flailing in all directions! It turns all frowns upside down, and helps all hearts feel a little lift.

We used to be like that to?! As children we would just SMILE… ear to ear… at random strangers. Not for any reason other than this life is for smiling, for sharing, for connecting.

As adults, I think most, if not all of us could benefit from this random Give a Smile experiment I’m suggesting below.

It’s not easy.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

But it is PROFOUNDLY illuminating to see how our thoughts, doubts, judgments and fears hold our happiness back.

So the Strategy and Guide today isn’t for making OTHER people happy. It’s about finding the parts inside of us that feel vulnerable, feel uncomfortable, and feel afraid to share our joy.

It’s just a part of being human. We can all relate. But we will all DEFINITELY find greater happiness, if we can let go of some of what holds us back from sharing our love, joy and smiles more. I can’t wait to see how this goes for you.

STEP-BY-STEP • Smile at a Stranger

This is not an easy thing to do. Please don’t be mean or hard on yourself if this is surprisingly and even irrationally challenging for you. I think we’re all in that boat a little.

But really learning how to free up your ability to share yourself, your joy, your smile and your a clear path to profoundly happy life that just keeps growing with greater connection, intimacy and success.

You will need:

  • A very courageous, vulnerable heart
  • That’s it
    1. The next time you’re in public, smile at one person. That means to look them in the eyes, if only for a moment, and to give a genuine smile.
    2. This is NOT for the other person. Whatever they do with your smile is up to them.
    3. This is for YOU for greater awareness. As you get ready to smile and think about who you’ll smile at...just be aware of what this brings up for you. Do you feel uncomfortable? Maybe even afraid? Or terrorfied? Just be aware of how hard it is for us as humans to reach out in joy, in a smile, even though we KNOW there is no rational fear.
    4. This is about having compassion for ourselves. Yep I wish this were easier. But it can be really tough to be soft-hearted in a sometimes very cold, cruel and critical world. But it’s important to see that we are not as friendly as we’d like because we are mean. We are sometimes less warm or friendly because we’re afraid. That might be hard to hear. And I’m ok if you don’t agree with me. But the only thing that holds back a smile, more love or our fear. And the more we can see that and have compassion and kindness for ourselves, the more the fear is released and we feel free to SMILE… to be HAPPY… to share our LOVE freely and unapologetically.
  • Pro Tip 🏆 This exercise is a great start for learning how to free up our happiness and love but it can also unearth some challenging thoughts and feelings. If this exercise does bring up an inner challenge please spend a couple of minutes doing this.
    Simply say this sentence a few times: ‘I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that…’ and then just complete it without thinking too hard.
    Examples: I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that I’m too shy to smile at others.
    I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that I’m not good enough at this or anything.
    I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that noone will love me or smile back at me.
    I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that no one wants me to smile at them.
    Keep repeating and completing that sentence until you feel a little more peaceful inside.
    And now say: “And the truth is that…”
    Examples: And the truth is that I am courageous even for trying.
    And the truth is that I am worthy of being smiled at, and am worthy of being loved back.
    And the truth is that I’m just here doing my best.
    And the truth is that I am lovable.
    If you want to learn a little more about the healing powers of Self-Forgiveness you can read and learn more here.

I’d love to hear how this goes for you all! And would love to answer any questions about this in our LIVE Q&A this month. And as always you can share your awareness and your questions on our Fenix’ Inner Circle Facebook Page!

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