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Finding Fun: Tips from Kids

fun & freedom Oct 08, 2022

Use the following ideas to have more happiness and fun this weekend.

  1. Smile
    This maybe an obvious one, but an absolutely overlooked one by most adults. Try smiling more today, and see what it does to your ability to have fun and enjoy the moment.
  2. Notice nature.
    There is a natural joy that happens when we are connected with nature. Wherever you are today, notice nature, and find yourself being less distracted and more in the moment.
  3. Be spontaneous.
    Try not planning today. But doing what you feel in the moment. You could even toss a coin to make some decisions. Maybe kids have so much fun because they’re not always thinking and planning. Try it today!
  4. Slow down
    Children move at their own pace. They can relax and enjoy themselves because they’re not pushing themselves hard. Try slowing down and moving at the pace you would LOVE to.
  5. Learn Something New!
    Trying something we’ve never done before helps to get us in the moment. Try something you’ve never done before and enjoy!

So much of what holds us back from our fun and happiness is the internal push, pressure and planning of being an adult. 

Of course that’s what comes with being an adult right – responsibilities and the need to plan and handle life. But we don’t need to be in that mindset of pushing, planning and being responsible for our lives ALL the time.

You will need:

  • A few hours where your adult responsibilities are handled
  • An open mind and an open heart
  • Optional: Post-it or piece of paper, and pen
  1. It might take some time and thinking, to truly make sure all your responsibilities for a few hours are handled, but do that, and then turn off your phone, if you can. Remember this is only for a few hours. Get in touch with the important people in your life if you need to to let them know you’ll be offline.
  2. Great job! Give yourself a huge pat on the back! That’s a huge win, even to just give yourself permission to take a few hours off adulting.
  3. Now this can be the tricky part. The adult in you may keep unconsciously pushing you around, pressuring you and reminding you of all your plans and responsibilities. If that happens, it’s time to write yourself a permission slip.  

Write on a post-it or piece of paper:
I, ___your name___, hereby declare, that I am granted 100% permission to do whatever I want for the next 3 hours. I also do joyfully declare, that I’m allowed to have oodles and schmoodles of fun. Signed, ___your signature___

4. Now do what you want. Breathe. Relax. And enjoy the few hours of complete freedom.

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