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Expressing Our Emotions through Journaling

emotional health Nov 11, 2022

Expressing our emotions is an important aspect of emotional and mental health. We can think of our emotions as waves, or as the seasons. They are essentially a cycle of energy.

And so just like any cycle of energy, there is a rise, and a fall.

Learning how to have more acceptance for the ups and downs of our emotions has been proven to help us be happier overall.[1]

And expressing our emotions – the Ups and Downs – is also suggested to be a powerful way to have greater emotional health and overall be happier.[2]

There are many ways to express our emotions: to essentially release and let go of some of the energy flowing through us. 

Exercise, art and creativity all do this in some way. But perhaps journaling might be one of the best. Because it also supports us in greater awareness and understanding of how we might be able to relate to our lives and what’s going on in better ways.

For example exercise does let you release emotion and unwanted nervous energy. But it’s an unconscious process of letting go. Journaling on the other hand can bring in powerful wisdom, awareness and learning, as we let go of any emotion or energy we’re holding on to.

STEP-BY-STEP • Journaling for Emotional Health & Happiness

You will need: 

  • Your journal or a notebook
  •  A pen
  •  Some time in a comfy, uninterrupted space
  1. First a tip to help you make getting into the habit of this a little easier. Keep your notebook and a pen in the place that you’d love to journal. It might be by your bed, or in your desk drawer. Taking into consideration of course that this is YOUR PRIVATE notebook. Don’t leave it in a place where you are worried others might read it without your permission.
  2. Give yourself complete freedom to do this however you want – whatever feels good and helpful for you! There is NO right way to do this. You don’t need a specific focus or structure. What’s important here is that you allow yourself to write whatever you want. It's your own private place to discuss and create whatever you want to express your feelings. Let the words and ideas flow freely. Don't worry about spelling mistakes or what other people might think.
  3. Just write! That’s it. The simple act of giving a voice, a vehicle to your thoughts and feelings is healing and restorative. Don’t worry if what you’re writing is helpful or working?! The great news is that absolutely any time spent writing freely WILL be helpful in releasing any unresolved energy and emotion within.
  4. Pro Tip 🏆 Consider writing for 5 minutes every day! What time of day might work really well for you?! It can be helpful to put it on your calendar / task list as a daily habit. And you can also imagine yourself doing it right now – as a way to support yourself in following through on it!

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Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere

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