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Dreaming Big Like a Kid Again

fun & freedom Oct 10, 2022

When we are children, we find it so easy to dream: to imagine big, bold and bright dreams for our life. We imagine being a fire-fighter, a ballerina, an astronaut. We find joy in imagining and pretending that dream is alive right now.

Most of us learn to stop dreaming, because of disappointments and perceived failure, and so we stop dreaming because we want to protect ourselves from feeling disappointed and like a failure again.

But what if being happy in this life is not about achieving our dreams, and much more about the pursuit of a dream.

Consider that simply by being open to new goals, new dreams, and new experiences in your life may open you up to unexpected happiness.

By letting yourself pretend, imagine, and dream what you would like to experience in your life, you are beginning to let go of some of the limitations of the past.

The following Step-by-Step Guide will help you learn to dream again, as a simple yet powerful way to open to greater experiences of happiness both now, and in the future.


STEP-BY-STEP • Dreaming Freely Again

100 Dreams

You will need: • Approximately 30 minutes +
• A quiet place to sit, relax and dream
• Pen and paper

  1. Get comfortable, but not too comfortable. You want to be alert and attentive to this exercise.
  2. Answer the question: What do you want? Writing each experience / thing / dream / goal on a new line. Don’t think too hard. This isn’t a test you’ll be marked on. They can be small things, large things, believable things, unbelievable things. Do your best just to not censor yourself and just write down 100 things you want in life.
  3. Keep writing until you have 100 experiences / things / dreams / goals. Yes that’s right. I mean it. 100!
  4. That’s it! How do you feel?

CREDIT • Acknowledgements

Strategy by Zoë Lumiere
Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere
Quote by C.S. Lewis
Image used in Quote by Greg Rakozy via unsplash

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