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Breathing for Greater Presence

mindfulness & heartfulness Dec 01, 2022

How much happier would you be, if you could wave a magic wand, and make all worry in your life completely disappear?!

Oh my, wouldn’t that be nice.

Unfortunately no, that wand is not available for purchase.

But we are going to explore a powerful and scientifically supported process for letting go of the habitual and unconscious ways that we worry.

So just take a moment if you would like, to be aware of what you worry about in your life. And what the impact that worry has on your peace of mind, your relationships, and your happiness.

The focus of this strategy is in living in present moment awareness. If we are able to live, think and experience this Present Moment more fully, worry dissolves and falls away. We are less likely to get caught in worry, if we connected and engaged in this Present Moment, rather than be focused on the past, or into the future.[1]

The Step-by-Step Guide today supports us in taking 6 simple steps to go from unwanted worry and, or anxiety, to a more peaceful and balanced place in present moment awareness.

These 6 steps have been tested and are supported by empirical evidence. Let’s dive in.

STEP-BY-STEP • 6 Steps for Present Moment Awareness

You will need:

  • A courageous, soft and open heart
  • A safe, uninterrupted space 
  1. First, write down, or say out-loud what’s most important to you right now. Say out-loud, or write down: one thing that you want:
    For example: 
    • I want to relax.
    • I want to let go of thinking so much about the budget.
    • I want to be happy.
    • I want to feel ok about Sophie going to college.
  2. Now breathe. Yep that’s it. Consciously breathe for 3 breaths. Pay attention to your breathe rising, and falling. 3 times. It’s ok if you lose track. Just come back to breathing in... and out...3 times.
  3. What are you most afraid of? What is your greatest, biggest worry? Have the guts to say it out-loud or write it down. It might sound hilarious to you. It might still feel like a ticking time bomb. No matter how you feel about it don’t let it be the boogie monster in the closet. Own it. Say it out-loud. It will disperse a lot of it’s invisible hold on you.  It’s important that you see it or hear it.
    For example: 
    • I’m worried that I’ll never make any money.
    • I’m afraid that I’m a failure.
    • I’m afraid that Tom doesn’t really love me.
    • I’m worried this project is going to flop, and everyone will hate me.
  4. Ask yourself: What is the statistical probability of my worry coming true? Be honest with yourself. If you were a betting person, what odds would you give this?
    For example: 
    • There is a 0% chance that I’ll make absolutely 0 money in the future. Cause I’m actually already making some.
    • There is a 1% chance that I’m a failure. I do think Cindy from High School thinks I am a failure.
    • There is a 3% chance Tom doesn’t love me. I mean it’s possible. But given everything going on in our life it IS highly unlikely.
    • There is 10% this project will be a flop. And a 0% chance everyone will hate me.
  5. Now ask yourself: What is it that you really need? [Side note: We worry because it feels like we are doing something, and somehow contributing to what’s important – except worry does nothing for no one. But it’s important to see what IS IT that you really NEED.]
    For example: 
    • I need to feel like everything’s going to be ok. I need a big hug.
    • I need someone to appreciate me and love me.
    • I need to tell Tom what he means to me, and I need to know how he feels about me.
    • I need to do my best and really show up for this project because it means so much to me.
  6. Now GIVE yourself ‘What You Need’ much as you can! And if you can’t, imagine it. Imagine being able to give yourself whatever you need. And feel it. Own it.
    For example:
    • I am giving myself they biggest hug and telling myself ‘Everything IS going to be ok!’
    • I am appreciating and loving me! I am giving myself that experience!
    • I am imagining myself telling Tom what he means to me, and I am imagining receiving it from him too.
    • I am imagining that I am showing up fully for my project! I’m feeling that. Energizing that.
  7. Pro Tip  🏆 Write down your worries in your journal. It’s wonderful to see how we evolve in awareness and expansion over time. 

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CREDIT • Acknowledgements

Strategy by Zoë Lumiere
Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere
Article [1] by Jay Dixit

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