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Being Thankful

gratitude & giving back Oct 15, 2022

This is such an easy tweak to make in our lives, with some of the biggest payoffs particularly in terms of our overall experience of happiness.

This quote says it all…
It’s not happy people who are thankful.
It’s thankful people who are happy.

But is that true?

Well so far the science available definitely suggests that it is.

In an article from Positive Psychology on the Neuroscience of Gratitude, Madhuleena Roy Chowdhury writes:

“Gratitude in all forms is associated with happiness.
Whether we say ‘thank you’ to someone or receive the same from others, the feeling it brings is that of pure satisfaction and encouragement.
Expressions of gratitude help in building and sustaining long term relationships, deal with adversities and bounce back from them with strength and motivation.”

So let’s dive in deeper as to how we can practically cultivate the habit of living with greater thankfulness and gratitude.

STEP-BY-STEP • Building the Habit of Thankfulness

Let’s get really practical today.
How can we transform our lives into a practice of thank-you?

You will need:
• An amount of money you feel comfortable parting with today
• An open mind, and a wide open heart for giving

  1. You have probably already built the habit of saying thank-you when someone passes you something. So how can we build the habit of feeling and experiencing authentic thankfulness, for all the beautiful ordinary moments we receive each day?
  2. Start by saying thank-you out loud to anything and everything that you can for just 1 day. This sounds extreme I know, but if done for a day, it will get you into the neurological habit of saying thank-you a lot. And you can have fun with this!

    Thank-you toilet and thank-you soft, lovely toilet paper!
    Thank-you sink and sweet smelling soap!
    Thank-you water for hydrating me and taking good care of me.
    Thank-you dog for making me smile.
    Thank-you phone for connecting me with my brother in Australia, I’m so grateful that I get to hear his voice, thank-you so much.
    Thank-you gorgeous rose for your bright color and bold smell.
    Thank-you husband for choosing to spend this day with me.
    Thank-you air for giving me life and for helping me breathe easy.
    Thank-you closet for organizing my clothes without wrinkles I appreciate it so much.
    Thank-you coffee for giving me all this energy and inspiration, I just love my life because you’re in it!
    Ok you get the picture. I could say thank-you 100 times an hour.
    How about you?

  3. If it feels great, keep saying thank-you either inwardly or out-loud in your life. Before too long you won’t need to use the words but your energy, your presence and everything about you will be an expression of thank-you.

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CREDIT • Acknowledgements

Strategy by Zoë Lumiere
Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere
Scientific Research by Madhuleena Roy Chowdhury
Image used in Quote by João Victor Xavier via unsplash

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