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Before Getting Out of Bed

intention & imagination Oct 12, 2022

The time after you’ve just woken up is a very powerful and pivotal time. While most of us reach straight for our phones, it can be a great time to stay connected with one’s own inner consciousness, and to start the day with a clear intention.

During sleep our brains regenerate and detoxify. While our brain sleeps, it’s actually clearing out harmful toxins “like a dishwasher”.1 In many ways we wake each morning our biology is primed for starting fresh, clear and on track with what’s most important to you.

We have a wonderful opportunity first thing, to put our values and dreams at the heart of today, rather than our less than present auto-pilot.

So the strategy today, is to set your inner compass clearly to where you actually want to go.

Starting the day in a responsive reactive mode to what’s in your instagram feed or who needs you on email and text, sets you up to be swayed and pushed by the world around you.

Starting the day with a clear intention in contrast lines you up to spend your time and energy this day on what matters most! The Step-by-Step Guide today will explore a variety of ways for setting this clear intention for the day!

STEP-BY-STEP • Setting a Clear Intention In Bed

I love being in bed, and I love staying in bed. If you can relate, consider that this practice can feel both luxurious AND also wonderfully productive!

You will need:
• A journal, notebook, or some paper and a pen by your bed
• A post-it note or photo-frame

  1. Before you go to bed tonight, create a reminder for yourself for the morning. You could use a post-it note, a photo frame with a piece of paper inside, or something else that will serve as something you see as soon as you wake. On this reminder write: I am setting a Clear Intention for My Day before I get out of bed!
  2. In the morning, grab your journal as soon as you wake. Going to the restroom obviously takes precedence here. And I love to get up and make coffee, and then I jump back into bed. [Don’t pick up additional input through your phone or other means.]
  3. From this clean, clear state of your consciousness ask yourself one or more of these questions: What would you love today to be like? What would you love today to feel like? What would you love to get done today? What would you love to miraculously receive today? What would you love to give today?
  4. You might like to reflect, relax or meditate on your answers. Or they may come to you immediately. Either way write down your answers before getting out of bed.
  5. Now write one or a few sentences that sums up the heart of your intentions for today, with each sentence starting with “I am ...”.
    For example: I am feeling so relaxed and easily completing the red project and being an amazing Mum to Jack. I am happily surprised by how tidy the house is too!
  6. When you get back in bed at the end of the day make sure your reminder is in place. And if you choose you can reflect on the intentions you set for today! Hug yourself for however your day unfolded. Remember you did your best, and that’s enough.

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