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A Break from Adulting

fun & freedom Oct 14, 2022

Another non-conventional happy coaching strategy for this Saturday and any day of the week!

This doesn’t have to be a long vacation… but even 5 minutes from our stressful adult lives of responsibilities, pressures and tasks can fill us with the energy to relax and enjoy our day again.

A big psychological misconception we adults often find ourselves in, is that we have to be serious in order to be responsible.

That we have to feel the weight and pressure of something, in order to do a good, responsible, adult job with something.

And hopefully you as a dorky Fenix Fan knows this is NOT true! Because it’s NOT!

We often get more done, and can be MORE responsible if we’re relaxed and having a good time while we’re doing it.

Feeling like something is so serious and important can ignite more mistakes than actually doing a better job.

So our Step-by-Step Guide today is going to help you stop taking life so seriously, if only for 5 minutes.

STEP-BY-STEP • Feeling Lighter Through a Break from Mistakes

You will need:
• 5 minutes or more
• A safe space where you will be undisturbed
• An open mind and an open heart

  1. We all know it can feel like a big job… being an adult. And there are many pressures and responsibilities that can’t just be ‘turned off’. But… for everything you can turn off right now (like your cell phone) turn off whatever you can.
  2. Our responsibilities often feel so heavy and drain us of more energy than we want, because of how we relate to them mentally and emotionally. They feel heavy because we feel heavy about the negative consequences of not being a perfect, mistake-free adult. But what if we believed and truly felt that everything was going to be ok… and we knew that if we make any kind of mistake we’ll be forgiven completely… No exceptions? Let’s find out.
  3. We’re going to give ourselves permission to forgive ourselves for every single ‘Adult’ mistake we’ve ever made. Any time we let someone down. Any time we were late or didn’t show up. Any time we messed up.
  4. For the next few minutes, just be aware of any Big Adult Mistake – and as soon as a mistake pops into your mind tell yourself:
    “I forgive you. You’re not a perfect robot. You’re a human being that’s allowed to make mistakes. I forgive you and I love you.”
  5. It can be a skill to really feel and allow this forgiveness to truly let ourselves off the hook to really give ourselves a break… but it’s a really powerful skill to cultivate, and doing this practice whenever we make mistakes can change our life in profound ways.
  6. Rather than turning our mistakes into more weight on our backs… we use forgiveness to keep ourselves feeling light, innocent and energized! 

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Strategy by Zoë Lumiere
Step-by-Step Guide by Zoë Lumiere
Quote by Carolyn Haywood
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